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Vision 4 Youth Housing Cooperative Society Limited

Vision 4 Youth Housing Cooperative Society Limited

Address - Nakuru,Kaptembwo
Phone - +254789869334
Email -

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To deliver low Cost, Reliable and safe housing solutions to members


We take much pride to introduce to you Vision 4 Youth Housing Cooperative Society Limited. Our cooperative is registered under the Ministry of industrialization, Trade and Cooperative. Our registration was in August 2014 under the certificate number CS/17061.

The society area of Operation for now is Nakuru County with possible expansion to other counties. Currently our member base is at 128 members. We save Ksh.1500 per member per month.

Our objective as a housing cooperative are:

1.       To provide for its members living accommodation and livelihood at a fair and reasonable price together with such ancillary services as roads, drainage, water and light.

2.       To provide facilities for physical and cultural recreation and all such other matters as are usual, customary and desirous for building estates, blocks of flats or single dwellings.

3.       To promote the economic interests and general welfare of its members

4.       To provide for its members saving and credit facilities at reasonable rates and leverage resources from stakeholders.

5.       To provide for its members any other relevant support as the cooperative may deem fit.

To achieve the above objectives the society is engaging other housing stakeholders.

We have partnered WE Effect and Pamoja trust and currently we are implementing a project named “Promoting Equitable Cooperative housing Model” the Program will run from 2018- 2022. The objectives of the project are:

1.       To develop vision 4 capacity

2.       To  mitigate climate change and improve the environment

3.       To enhance uptake of cooperative housing Model approach

4.       To enhance financial inclusion

5.       To promote gender inclusivity.